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Kinokuniya’s bid to re-energise Japan’s bookstores

Source: SCMP

Major bookstore, Kinokuniya, has said that it had ordered 90 percent of Murakami’s Novelist as a Vocation to shake up the local publishing market. Kinokuniya is supplying more than half of what it ordered to local bookstores to ensure that online booksellers do not shut them out of the sales of the collection of essays.

According to Kinokuniya, the current distribution system of selling books from publishers to bookstores via distributors results in huge waste and high costs. As a result, the bookstore (one of Japan’s largest) is trying to disrupt the existing distribution method, in hope of reversing the decline in readership due to increasing online shopping and ebooks.

Source: Single buyer snaps up 90pc of Murakami’s latest work in bid to re-energise Japan’s bookstores | South China Morning Post