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Tokyo, Singapore World’s Hottest Retail Markets

Source: World Property Journal

According to CBRE’s latest report on the retail real estate sector, Tokyo is the world’s hottest city for new retailer expansion, attracting 63 new retail brands, followed by Singapore with 58.

Domestic demand in Tokyo is expected to grow via the government’s initiative to attract more tourists to the country. In Singapore, food and beverage operators were among the most active in snapping up new real estate leases.

On a related note, retailers still substantial growth opportunities in the Asia Pacific region as 41% of American retailers continue to focus on the Asia region, while 79% of Asian retailers continue to target their own regions for further business expansion.

Source: Tokyo, Singapore World’s Hottest Retail Markets – WORLD PROPERTY JOURNAL Global News Center

Kinokuniya’s bid to re-energise Japan’s bookstores

Source: SCMP

Major bookstore, Kinokuniya, has said that it had ordered 90 percent of Murakami’s Novelist as a Vocation to shake up the local publishing market. Kinokuniya is supplying more than half of what it ordered to local bookstores to ensure that online booksellers do not shut them out of the sales of the collection of essays.

According to Kinokuniya, the current distribution system of selling books from publishers to bookstores via distributors results in huge waste and high costs. As a result, the bookstore (one of Japan’s largest) is trying to disrupt the existing distribution method, in hope of reversing the decline in readership due to increasing online shopping and ebooks.

Source: Single buyer snaps up 90pc of Murakami’s latest work in bid to re-energise Japan’s bookstores | South China Morning Post

Rakuten Launches Express Delivery Service Rakubin

Source: Rakuten
Source: Rakuten

Rakuten, Inc., today announced the full-scale launch of Rakubin, an express delivery service that can deliver ordered goods in as little as 20 minutes.

Rakubin has employed a fleet of delivery vehicles constantly on the move within a specific area, and deliver goods to the requested delivery locations as soon as the orders come in.

Through Rakubin, users will be able to order more than 400 different items, including convenience store items and popular products featured on Rakuten Ichiba.

Source: Rakuten Launches Express Delivery Service Rakubin | Media Room

Japanese men embrace inner cheapskate in booming discount retailers


From red wine in plastic bottles and lunchtime sushi to trendy manbags and adjustable wrenches, Japanese males appear mesmerized by the price tag of 100yen offered on an array of goods at booming discount retailers.

In recent years, an increasing number of 100yen shops have been set up in the Tokyo business district, catering primarily to corporate working professionals. According to Kazuya Kido, president of CanDo, one of Japan’s largest 100yen stores, women account for 70 percent of customers. However, many products sold at CanDo’s stores are now aimed at men, as the stigma of visiting a 100yen shop has subsided over the years.

Source: Japanese men embrace inner cheapskate in booming discount retailers –